Traditional Techniques

All Ages. Learn the traditional stances, blocks, punches and kicks that are the foundation of Zen Karate. Kata (traditional empty hand forms) and Bunkai (self-defense applications of kata and traditional techniques) will also be taught in these classes. Exercises and drills will focus on developing muscle strength, endurance, stability and balance.

Sparring & Kickboxing

All Ages. Students will learn the footwork, strikes, and kicks used in kumite, point sparring (speed fighting) and continuous sparring. Kumite will be taught according to WKF (World Karate Federation) rules and regulations. Kickboxing techniques and practical self defense will also be taught in these classes. Exercises and drills will focus on developing cardio, speed and agility.

In order for a student to achieve their next belt rank, they must learn both traditional and fighting techniques. Students are encouraged to attend an equal number of Traditional Techniques and Fighting Techniques classes regardless of their membership level. Belt testing is merit based and the requirements for each belt rank are standardized. When a student consistently displays mastery of all requirements for their next belt rank, they will be notified and their belt test scheduled during a designated time slot.

Membership Levels

Gold 2 classes per week $100 / month
Silver 1 class per week $60 / month
Drop In Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 safety protocols -

Each class has a limit of 20 students.

In order to encourage family participation, Litorco Martial Arts has a Family Fee Discount. If a family has three or more members registered at Litorco Martial Arts, each family member will receive 10% off the monthly registration fee.