Schedule, Classes, & Memberships

Weekday Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00 PM Kids Traditional Techniques Kids Traditional Techniques Kids Fighting Techniques Kids Fighting Techniques  
5:30 PM Family Karate
6:00 PM Kids Traditional Techniques Kids Traditional Techniques Kids Fighting Techniques Kids Fighting Techniques
6:30 PM Weapons
7:00 PM Kids Traditional Techniques Family Karate Kids Fighting Techniques Family Karate
7:30 PM Private Group Class
8:00 PM Adult Karate Kickboxing Adult Karate Kickboxing
8:30 PM

Weekend Schedule

Time Saturday Sunday
10:00 AM Kickboxing  Rutano Estokata Kali
10:30 AM
11:00 AM Family Karate
11:30 AM
12:00 PM   Open Dojo
12:30 PM  
1:00 PM
1:30 PM  


Kids Traditional Techniques

Ages 5-12. Learn the traditional stances, blocks, punches and kicks that are the foundation of Zen Karate. Kata (traditional empty hand forms) and Bunkai (self-defense applications of kata and traditional techniques) will also be taught in these classes. Exercises and drills will focus on developing muscle strength, endurance, stability and balance.

Kids Fighting Techniques

Ages 5-12. Students will learn the footwork, strikes, and kicks used in kumite, point sparring (speed fighting) and continuous sparring. Kumite will be taught according to WKF (World Karate Federation) rules and regulations. Kickboxing techniques and practical self defense will also be taught in these classes. Exercises and drills will focus on developing cardio, speed and agility.

Family Karate

Ages 4+. We believe that active family participation, particularly parental engagement, is the single largest factor in the success of a young martial artist. Parents are encouraged to learn the traditional and fighting techniques of Zen Karate alongside their child so they can act as a role model during class and provide the young student with constructive feedback during at home practice. This class is also ideal for families who want to try a new activity or competitive sport together. These classes will help families develop their teamwork, communication skills and mutual respect.

Adult Karate

Ages 13+. Students will learn the Traditional and Fighting techniques of Zen Karate while improving their strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Though students will be encouraged to push their limits, all drills and exercises can be adapted according to an individual’s abilities.


Ages 8+. Classes will begin with a HIIT style warm up and then we’ll slow down while learning proper technique for footwork, head movement, punches and kicks. The rest of the class will be cardio intense with drills, pad work and touch contact sparring.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Ages 10+. Professor Robert Sison begins class with a warm up then provides instruction on grappling from standing to the ground, transitioning into holds and locks. Students will be practicing with gi and no gi jiu jitsu for sport and self defense.


This class is available to Zen Karate students with a rank of Orange Belt or higher. You will learn traditional weapons kata for bo (staff), katana, tonfa and kama that can be used in competition.

Competition Preparation

An optional class open to all Zen Karate students where you can work on perfecting your kata and practice fighting techniques.

Private Group Classes

For 10-20 people. A great activity for corporate team building, or for friends and families looking for a new experience. Choose one topic for your private class: Self-Defense, Karate Basics or Introduction to Kickboxing. $20/person ($200 minimum)

Belt Tests

In order for a student to achieve their next belt rank, they must learn both traditional and fighting techniques. Students are encouraged to attend an equal number of Traditional Techniques and Fighting Techniques classes regardless of their membership level. Belt testing is merit based and the requirements for each belt rank are standardized. When a student consistently displays mastery of all requirements for their next belt rank, they will be notified and their belt test scheduled during a designated time slot.

Membership Levels

Platinum Unlimited classes per week Student may register for 4 scheduled classes per week. Unlimited drop in classes. $210 / month
Gold 2 classes per week Student may register or drop in 2 classes per week. $140 / month
Silver 1 class per week Drop-in only $80 / month
Drop-in 10 Drop-in classes Valid 6 months after purchase date $180
Trial 1 week of unlimited classes Limit 1 per customer $10

Each class has a limit of 24 students.

Students signing up for a 1 year membership are eligible for a 10% discount off the 12 month price.

In order to encourage family participation, Litorco Martial Arts has a Family Fee Discount. If a family has three of more members registered at Litorco Martial Arts, each family member will receive 10% off the monthly registration fee or an additional 10% off the 1 year registration term.