Litorco Martial Arts Student Development Fund


Litorco Martial Arts is committed to providing competition level instruction to all of our students, regardless of which martial art they practice. While it takes time, practice and a minimum belt rank to qualify for competition, Sensei Bryan strongly encourages all Litorco Martial Arts’ students to eventually compete in local tournaments. 

In order to further enhance our students’ martial arts growth and competitive advantage, we are committed to inviting instructors of different styles to our dojo to teach seminars that are open to our students and the public. Though we teach Zen Karate, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we believe exposure to other styles will expand our students’ martial arts experience and knowledge. We also hope that this cooperation will help strengthen the friendship and sense of community between martial artists in Calgary. 

We strongly believe that tournament participation has many benefits for practitioners of all ages (please read our previous post The Benefits of Competing), however, we understand that preparing for, and participating in tournaments, adds to the financial burden of practicing martial arts. With this in mind, Sensei Bryan and Connie have established the Litorco Martial Arts Student Development Fund. This is a volunteer driven program where Litorco Martial Arts students will be partially reimbursed for tournament and seminar registration fees. 

Through fundraising activities, donations and contest raffles, we hope to raise a minimum of $1000. Beginning September 1, 2019, the Fund will be accessible to Litorco Martial Arts Students. Each student is eligible to receive a reimbursement of $10 for each tournament and each seminar (held at our dojo) they attend, as funds permit. The Student Development Fund will be 100% transparent. On our website, we will show how much each fundraising activity raised, and how the funds were disbursed each month.

Fundraising Events:

June 1-7:                              Bottle Drive. Please bring your empty cans and bottles to the dojo

July 6:                                   50-50 Draw at our First Annual Year End BBQ & Potluck

September 2- 8:                   Bottle Drive. Please save your summer empties and bring them to the dojo during this week

September 11 - 30:              Coco Brooks Campaign

We welcome any advice or suggestions for fundraising events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie at

Thank you for helping our students reach their potential!

Sensei Bryan & Connie